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Created on 2013-07-28 12:04:08 (#2060391), last updated 2013-07-28 (299 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jun 8, 1995
Location:Ontario, Canada

I'm a Canadian girl who loves anime, video games, and reading. I don't watch much tv, but my favourite shows are Battlestar Galactica, NOVA, and Doctor Who. I have a tendency to lurk about, but if I review a story it will most likely be because I feel I have some constructive criticism to offer (or in some cases, have read a story more than five times). When I was younger I obsessively read fantasy (it's all that was on my brother's bookshelf), with series such as The Malazan Books of the Fallen and The Wheel of Time. Since then much of my reading focus has transferred to fanfiction, in the past couple of years mainly Harry Potter. My OTP is Severus Snape/Harry Potter, but I also do love any combination of Lucius Malfoy/Harry/Severus, with the occasional Draco thrown in. My Drarry phase was very short lived, though I did find a couple great stories.

I love writing and actually do have two different HP fanfics in progress, but because of my writing habits they will not be posted until they are complete. It's not fair for either myself or the readers otherwise. I usually write best with prompts, as oneshots, as my muse can be hard to focus otherwise.

I love doing things with my hands, and have grown used to a large family that shares a lot of love. This is probably why, despite being an introvert, I will be attending college this fall for Esthetics and the year after for Hairstyling, to be followed by an apprenticeship. I love making people feel good about themselves.

If you need some story recommendations either message me or look on my various fanfiction memberships at my list of favourites. The most comprehensive is definitely of, but I'm also on AO3, Walking the Plank (Snarry only), HPFandom, Dokuga (Sessoumaru/Kagome only), either as Presto-chan or Presto_chan.
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